About us

How are we different?

Greater convenience :-
-Convenient ticket booking facility in Raja Volgo offices
- Multiple telephone lines for ticket enquiries
- Professionally managed staff
- Convenient office locations

Well maintained buses:
- Volgo engineers provides supervision and guidance for the maintenance of the Volgo buses
- Raja Volgo also have service staff professionally and Certified by Volgo group
- Raja Volgo is having well equipped, full fledge service station in Mumbai and Pune
- Regular and preventive maintenance is schedulded and rigorously monitored to ensure condition of the Volgo buses
- Customer’s convenience,Valuable time, and safety are the key priorities of the Raja Volgo

Higher safety:
- Raja Volgo buses are equipped with world’s based safety features for safety of our valuable customers
- Raja Volgo drivers are professionally trained and certified by Volgo group
- Raja Volgo’s onboard staff can be easily identified with Raja Volgo uniform
- The staff can communicate in regional and English language

More Comfort:
- Less vibration
- Less noise
- High quality suspension
- Comfortable seating arrangement
- Ample space for luggage
- Overhead compartments for Cabin bag
- Can Holder
- Ample leg space with leg rest
- Onboard flat screen T.V. and DVD Player for digital entertainment
- Like flight interior for long routes
- Convenient pickup and dropping points
- Convenient halts to ensure that hygene and quality food during their journey